Building Crossplatform Mobile Apps with JavaScript 2015 with Babel and Angular2 for NativeScript

NativeScript is a thing that allows you to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS with JavaScript compiled to kind a native code instead of executing inside WebView like in some frameworks. This means you can theoretically write once and just recompile your code for supported platforms. One more good thing is that it allows familiar things from JavaScript world

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Angular 2 dynamic bootstrap

Sometimes you’re not able to bind framework as the root page element as some html/js infrastructure already exists or you just have outside content rendered with other technologies. But you still can gain benefits of frameworks development and get functionality from subset of well-designed and working components. Angular 2 is more modular than predecessors and allow use to only some

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ES7 JavaScript for Backbone

By recent moment Backbone was not really ready for modern ECMAScript (ES) standards as current ES6 haven't implemented class properties. It is described here in detail:

But a plugin was added recently to babel transpiler (es6-7 to old standard translator) that implements this feature so we can write the code in modern ways:

import Marionette from 'backbone.marionette'; import

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Reconnect to DB for Java apps

In case you have service running it may turn into disconnected from database state e.g. with timeout and start generating exceptions when access is needed. To avoid this add this parameters to database connection url:



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Modern and Modular JavaScript

On the way of investigating the state of JavaScript modularity we found that only ECMAScript 6 brings reasonable methodology to achieve this. It's also importand that it brings short and familar to other technologies class definition import and export syntax. As an approach for module loading in browser SystemJS looks as the most coprehensive solutions nowdays as among ES6 styled

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Effective JavaScript for Liferay

The State of JavaScript in Liferay

Liferay's Javascript is based on library named AlloyUI that has Yahoo UI framework and bootrstap (starting from version 6.2 underlying. Besides lots of stuff from YUI it has many own improvements and portal specific features. Alloy brings JQuery like API that makes it easier for frontend developers to learn. You can compare and reffer to

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Rapid web development with Liferay, Maven, IntelliJ and JRebel

Some new to java web development folks can get stucked with their productivity and experience growth by unabaliability to setup environment that allows them to develop software just like with dynamic languages: without long time server restarting and project sources rebuilding. In this article I want to describe some techniquies that may help you to make development more cute and

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JSP Custom Functions

We oftern have to add some comprehensive logic to our views so templates may got bloated code or markup structure that is not good for project maintainability and karma. The siplisiest ways to avoid this is to move some reusable parts to functions that can be defined in JSP files with <!% %> tag just like this:


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Liferay's Dynamic Query Magic

The common approach to fetch data filtered by criterias is to add finder definitions. When finder possibilities are not fit your requirements you can write custom finder that will use custom s(d)ql query. This seems ok, but writing queries as bindable strings is weak when you what to add or remove sugnificant number of criterias depending e.g. on user input.

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MySQL and Unicode

Unicode era is here many times ago and nowdays you're getting well setupded MySQL on widely used Linux distributions or Windows systems out-of-box or easily. But there can be collisions with it's usage or non-usage when your distribution has enterprise level of quality like RedHat/CentOS. To no get swedish locate tables, you should add the following few lines to MySQL's

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