Easy Linux backups with Backupninja

There are actually three ways to make scheduled backups on Linux:

  1. Spend the rest of your life learning how to setup Bacula
  2. Spend the rest of your life writing shell scripts
  3. Spend 15 minutes to install and setup backupninja and go enjoing life (or trolling on imageboards;)

I've tried with 1-2 but found that this ways are not for me and suggesting the same

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Ajax File Upload in PlayFramework

Accoring to Google uploading files with Ajax may seems tricky, but it's not. Let's take Valums file upload script that can be downloaded here:

And place it into public/ under the name valums-file-uploader. I'm not spliting files it contains to javascripts, stylesheets etc. to keep distributioin untouched and upgradable. Now we need to chage demo example only a bit:

<div id="file-uploader-demo1">

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Install Samba PDC + LDAP on Debian Squeeze

1. Prepare the system

Lets assume that domain will be called - ldap, server name - openldap.ldap and samba domain will be LDAP. This settings will be automatically taken while install procces, but we should set host parameters before. In file /etc/hostname as follows:


and in file /etc/hosts: openldap.ldap

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Transparent blocks in PlayFramework

Comparing to other comprehensive Web frameworks PlayFramework's tags are not really good to make tranparent site blocks because they force developer to put storage data via renderArgs using controller hook method (annotated with @Before) that is unflexible or include Java code into template that is just worst idea to develop webinterface. Fortunatly framework has a way to implement tags as

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