Syncronize WebDAV with local folder

WebDAV is data exchange protocol that has some benefits in comparison with plain old FTP and SMB.

  • It's supposed to be more secure
  • It supports some advanced file features like locks and versioning

It is widely used by file hostings, document management systems: GoDaddy Online File Folder, Yandex.Disk . It is supported natively but all modern operating systems so you don't need to install any software in order to have access to it.

You can use:

Finder, Transmit, Cyberduck on MacOS X

Explorer, Total Commander, CrossFTP Pro and Far-NetBox on Windows

Konqueror, Dolphin, Nautilus, gvfs, davfs2, fusedav, cadaver on Linux

WebDAV Navigator Lite and Mobile Webdav on Android

Webdav NAV, Air Share, GoodReader, ReaddleDocs and Filer on iPhone

But sometimes you need solution that will automatically download or upload your data to WebDAV server and such taks may be needed to be performed at exact time idependantly on logged in you to this system or not. After a lot of time spent on searching and trying I found free console utility WebDav Sync that does exactly what is needed. Here is the manual, that is not easy to be fineded for your reference:


You must install Java Sun JRE or OpenJDK in order to run it.

After Java machine is installed all you need is download jar file ( the link may be dead by time you reading this, use project page to navite to latest version), pleace somewhere. I use 'tools' folder for small 3rd-party utilities.


run application from terminal (console, Run -> cmd.exe, Far Manager) in following way:

java -jar webdav_sync1_0_4.jar -u -d /path/to/folder/ -down

replace login with your login, pass with password, with your WebDAV server address and /path/to/folder with your local folder to be synced path

Optionally you can define strategy of sync by setting one of the following options:



Now you can add the task with your command to run to Windows Scheduler, cron or whatever you use.