Install Samba PDC + LDAP on Debian Squeeze

1. Prepare the system

Lets assume that domain will be called - ldap, server name - openldap.ldap and samba domain will be LDAP. This settings will be automatically taken while install procces, but we should set host parameters before. In file /etc/hostname as follows:


and in file /etc/hosts: openldap.ldap

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LDAP & Samba management with LAM on Debian Squeeze

1. Console Tools

There are a number of console tools for LDAP and Samba control:

  • smbldap-groupadd
  • smbldap-groupmod
  • smbldap-passwd
  • smbldap-useradd
  • smbldap-userinfo
  • smbldap-usermod
  • smbldap-groupdel
  • smbldap-groupshow
  • smbldap-populate
  • smbldap-userdel
  • smbldap-userlist
  • smbldap-usershow

Your are free to use them in interactive way or write some scripts. Some operations e.g. import of users can be done much more faster with their help than in any GUI tool. Names tell enough about their functioinality.

2. Ldap-account-manager

This tool is quite good for LDAP+Samba combination

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MySQL and Unicode

Unicode era is here many times ago and nowdays you're getting well setupded MySQL on widely used Linux distributions or Windows systems out-of-box or easily. But there can be collisions with it's usage or non-usage when your distribution has enterprise level of quality like RedHat/CentOS. To no get swedish locate tables, you should add the following few lines to MySQL's

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