Install Liferay 6 on Linux with external MySQL database


Liferay is bundled with HSQL database included, but you can install with external database usage enabled. Assume you have installation of MySQL and your linux distribution is not very different from Ubuntu, CentOS or other widely used.


First of all check your database server supports TCP connections in addition to default socket. You should have the following line uncommented in [mysqld]

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Add Web Content Type to Liferay

Web Content is powerfult abstraction to public web articles and pages in Liferay CMS, but   on the moment this entry is created there is no way add web content type. In order to be able to use custom content type you have to add the following line to file liferay-portal-a.b.c-ce-ga1/tomcat-x.y.z/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/


where new type is ID of your newly created type, don't

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Liferay's Dynamic Query Magic

The common approach to fetch data filtered by criterias is to add finder definitions. When finder possibilities are not fit your requirements you can write custom finder that will use custom s(d)ql query. This seems ok, but writing queries as bindable strings is weak when you what to add or remove sugnificant number of criterias depending e.g. on user input.

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JSP Custom Functions

We oftern have to add some comprehensive logic to our views so templates may got bloated code or markup structure that is not good for project maintainability and karma. The siplisiest ways to avoid this is to move some reusable parts to functions that can be defined in JSP files with <!% %> tag just like this:


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Rapid web development with Liferay, Maven, IntelliJ and JRebel

Some new to java web development folks can get stucked with their productivity and experience growth by unabaliability to setup environment that allows them to develop software just like with dynamic languages: without long time server restarting and project sources rebuilding. In this article I want to describe some techniquies that may help you to make development more cute and

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Effective JavaScript for Liferay

The State of JavaScript in Liferay

Liferay's Javascript is based on library named AlloyUI that has Yahoo UI framework and bootrstap (starting from version 6.2 underlying. Besides lots of stuff from YUI it has many own improvements and portal specific features. Alloy brings JQuery like API that makes it easier for frontend developers to learn. You can compare and reffer to

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