Apacheless web-server on Debian Squeeze with nginx and php-fpm

Threre are tons of information on now to setup "parts" that making fully functional web server plaftorm, but usually without giving summary view. We're going to explain all steps on you how to get your LAMP web server up. Things you should have:

  1. Virtual or real personal (dedicated) server hosting. You'd better have 5Gb of disk space and 256 RAM. Not

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Howto reset MySQL root password

Yes, this is the probably what we all done before, and tons of blog tips are cached by Google, but I want to have my own note for this).

Well find your MySQL configuration file that is named my.cnf. You may use locate index search in your Linux box if you previously installed it as follows

$locate my.cnf

or use whereis command (Hey,

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Install Liferay 6 on Linux with external MySQL database


Liferay is bundled with HSQL database included, but you can install with external database usage enabled. Assume you have installation of MySQL and your linux distribution is not very different from Ubuntu, CentOS or other widely used.


First of all check your database server supports TCP connections in addition to default socket. You should have the following line uncommented in [mysqld]

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Allow remote connections for MySQL on Windows

So you are you able to connect your MySQL database on Windows ? You have two optioins.

1. Disable Firewall. Easy and popular way of solving problem for win users is to disable something but I do not recommend this to you

2. run cmd.exe and execute the following command:

C:\>netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="MySQL Server" action=allow protocol=TCP dir=in localport=3306

This will add

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MySQL and Unicode

Unicode era is here many times ago and nowdays you're getting well setupded MySQL on widely used Linux distributions or Windows systems out-of-box or easily. But there can be collisions with it's usage or non-usage when your distribution has enterprise level of quality like RedHat/CentOS. To no get swedish locate tables, you should add the following few lines to MySQL's

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Reconnect to DB for Java apps

In case you have service running it may turn into disconnected from database state e.g. with timeout and start generating exceptions when access is needed. To avoid this add this parameters to database connection url:



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