Apacheless web-server on Debian Squeeze with nginx and php-fpm

Threre are tons of information on now to setup "parts" that making fully functional web server plaftorm, but usually without giving summary view. We're going to explain all steps on you how to get your LAMP web server up. Things you should have:

  1. Virtual or real personal (dedicated) server hosting. You'd better have 5Gb of disk space and 256 RAM. Not

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Transparent cache in Nginx


Let's assume you have website that is regulary occures under Slashdot effect. We should perpare it for highload.

Starting from 0.8.46 nginx has some options to enable transparent cache. Transparent for every visitor, in other words this cache if effective until user is not logged in. This options will help servier be live when user visits are rapidly grown. To acquire

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Tomcat6, Nginx and PHP in one Linux box


You should install tomcat either from packages

$sudo apt-get install tomcat6 tomcat6-admin

or from downloadable bundle and ensure it's running on port 8081 by finding in server configuration file (server.xml) lines similar to the following:

<Connector port="8081" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000"

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