Allow remote connections for MySQL on Windows

So you are you able to connect your MySQL database on Windows ? You have two optioins.

1. Disable Firewall. Easy and popular way of solving problem for win users is to disable something but I do not recommend this to you

2. run cmd.exe and execute the following command:

C:\>netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="MySQL Server" action=allow protocol=TCP dir=in localport=3306

This will add

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Syncronize WebDAV with local folder

WebDAV is data exchange protocol that has some benefits in comparison with plain old FTP and SMB.

  • It's supposed to be more secure
  • It supports some advanced file features like locks and versioning

It is widely used by file hostings, document management systems: GoDaddy Online File Folder, Yandex.Disk . It is supported natively but all modern operating systems

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Modular C++ projects with CMake


Cmake if fantastic make tool for C++. It allows you to generate makefiles for every platform you need, itsteand of writing them manually. As and addition it alllows you to generate project files from variety of IDE's while the most of C centric alredy have Cmake support.

Project Structure

We will organize project tree as set of subprojects. Each of subproject will

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Standalone C++ app on Windows with Qt framework


While *nix world gives us power of shared libraries and packaging with dependency management on Windows operating systems you have to either place everything in the same box with your application or hope that user is experience enough to download and install all necessary libraries or virtual machine (ha-ha). The alternative way is to build stadalone or static

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MySQL and Unicode

Unicode era is here many times ago and nowdays you're getting well setupded MySQL on widely used Linux distributions or Windows systems out-of-box or easily. But there can be collisions with it's usage or non-usage when your distribution has enterprise level of quality like RedHat/CentOS. To no get swedish locate tables, you should add the following few lines to MySQL's

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